3 Seasons  [photography series*2021]
We are living in an era where we have already passed the awareness process of the destruction of nature. Artificial grass carpet of 1 meter in width and length and artificial flowers used in the photographs describe our search for a place in artificiality in a hypothetical and plain language. Humans, who are organic creatures, should be transformed into one whole piece by establishing a harmonic relationship with nature, and as long as we continue with anthropogenic paradigms, we will only achieve to protect a tiny part of nature. The artist has photographed this piece as an individual who is stuck in an artificial grass carpet, which is represented as the mimesis of nature, trying to establish her artificial house and breathe. The individual, who started to be photographed in an empty pool as an indication that we could not even protect the artificial when we were on the verge of water scarcity, shows that we, who should keep nature alive, have no limited perspective on ecology, and we need to step out of our boxes and act with a holistic approach as a part of nature. The 12 photographs represent 12 months imaginatively, and the work also refers to seasonal cycles whose characters are slowly changing with global warming and sudden warming and cooling.
This piece included a performative act during the exhibition, Resonance, BASE 2021. 
Performance artist: Begüm Çelik
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